Until war in Ukraine is finished, all my website income will be destined to ukrainian refugees.
Stop the #warukraine . Pray for #Ukraine

-Access and visualization will be available, but download will be no longer available.

-We will keep at least one new set update each month (each set contains at least 10 pics) .



Normal Functioning:

EROTIC SETS:  6€ / each


To get your Exclusive Pass:

Special pack offer for SETS of galleries with 10 or more pics! (not included erotic sets)

-Choose your option. 1 set (3€) , 3 sets (7€) or 20 Galleries (45€)

-Please send your payment to the next Paypal account:

-Don´t forget to attach your email and the name of your chosen gallery or galleries.

You will receive an email from us with a password for each of your chosen galleries

You can watch and download these pics for only your private use.


If you want to send the payment by bank transfer, please ask for details.


Availability to receive your password and link is not inmediate (it will take minutes or hours).

Anyway, with the exception of casual situations (warned here) you will get everything you paid for

in the same day you sent the payment.


Thanks very much

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